Why Fire Sprinklers?

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Why Fire Sprinklers

Most commercial buildings in California have professional fire sprinkler systems installed. While these systems are common in businesses and buildings, homeowners might not understand why they should have fire sprinkler systems installed in their homes. Fire sprinkler systems play a crucial role in fire safety and can help homeowners to avoid extensive fire damage.

When you understand why sprinkler systems are important, you will also understand why it is important to test and maintain them regularly. Testing and maintaining your fire sprinkler system can ensure that it will be ready if a fire breaks out. Here are four reasons why the professionals at Central Coast Fire Protection believe that fire safety systems are of critical importance.

Fire sprinkler systems
save lives

Protecting lives should be your first priority. In a fire, a well-maintained fire sprinkler system can offer much greater protection for the people in your home or business. According to the National Fire Protection Association, the occupant fatality rate in a home with a fire protection system installed is 81% lower than in homes without sprinkler systems. This demonstrates how effective these systems are in saving lives.

Fire sprinkler systems
reduce your potential losses

Fires can devastate or destroy businesses and homes. Automatic fire sprinkler systems help to dramatically reduce the damage that can occur. When a fire sprinkler system is paired with other early warning fire systems, they can reduce property damage, fire-related injuries, and deaths by more than half.

Homes and businesses that do not have automatic fire sprinkler systems installed can quickly burn and be destroyed. Even if there are no injuries and insurance pays to rebuild your home or business, it can take many months before you can return. If you are a business owner, this could make it difficult to reopen because of the loss of customers.

Fire sprinkler systems
help to contain fires

Heat, smoke, and flame detectors can all provide people inside of homes and buildings of fires. However, these systems cannot contain a fire that has broken out. When an automatic sprinkler head is exposed to heat and reaches a specific temperature, the head will open and begin dousing the flames with water. The sprinkler heads will not stop spraying the flames until responding firefighters turn off the water supply. This can help to put the fire out before it can spread or can slow the speed at which the fire spreads. This can help to save lives and property. A fire sprinkler system can reduce property damage and increase safety.

They are nearly fault-free

Unlike how fire sprinkler systems are sometimes depicted in movies, these systems are not activated when someone pulls a fire alarm. A fire sprinkler system will not turn on unless the fuse inside of an individual sprinkler head is heated to a certain temperature. When a fire breaks out, only the individual sprinklers located in that area will be activated and turn on.

Sprinkler heads will open and spray water when it is necessary. However, they are not so sensitive that they will activate when it is unnecessary and cause water damage. When they are properly installed and maintained, fire sprinkler systems are highly reliable. Researchers have found that fire sprinkler systems properly operate in more than 90% of fires that are large enough to activate them. When they fail to work, the failures are most commonly due to the systems being turned off or not being properly maintained.

While some people hesitate to retrofit their homes or businesses to install fire sprinkler systems because of concerns about water damage, these systems will only turn on when they are needed. Water damage is much less costly than fire damage. If your home suffers some water damage during a fire, it is much better to deal with that than to have to worry about losing everything in a fire.

Properly installing and maintaining a fire sprinkler system in your business or home should be a priority. When you choose Central Coast Fire Protection for your sprinkler system needs, you can feel confident that your system will work as it should in the event of a fire. Contact us today to obtain an estimate or to learn more about fire protection systems.

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